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Dr Andrei Smirnov


Osteopath, D.O.E., Ph.D.


Dr Andrei Smirnov specializes in birth injuries in children, pain of any etiology in adults and pregnancy preparation. Before coming to Dubai, he was Chief Physician and founder of nine OSTEOMED clinics in Russia. Dr Andrei started his career as a Doctor Osteopath in 2007, after graduating from medical university in speciality “General Medicine” and later from Institute of Osteopathic Medicine in Russia. Since 2006 till present, Dr Andrei has been enhancing his skills and expertise working closely with different specialists. 


Author of five books:


  • 2019 two books on the history of Osteopathy “From the Roots to the Branches”
  • 2020 “Child: Instruction Manual”
  • 2021 “Markers of Aging”
  • 2022 “Healing Hydrogen”




2019 patent for the invention “A Way To Improve A Person”