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Patient Testimonials



Dr. Shawky Al Khoury director of former Rashid hospital, UAE. ‎

''I was suffering from the pain of the knee joint when walking, which was hampering my daily activities. This is why I have to find a solution before the symptoms worsen. This is why I visited Dr. Ali Al Belooshi who performed the surgery without any pain and the strange thing was that I could walk after the procedure and I gave up the crutch After 10 days I started walking without pain and thank God This is why I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Dr. Ali Al Belooshi for his excellence and great experience in his orthopedic surgery, which I learned from the first day of the operation until I returned to practicing all my activities after 4 weeks of operation.''


Abdulrahman Al Jallaf

''I had pain in my knees before the surgery. The second day I could walk and stand immediately without pain, thanks to the Robotic Assistant surgery the recovery was fast. I am happy and thankful that Dr. Ali Al Belooshi did my surgery''


Hessa Ahli

''I was Looking for a good doctor and many people suggested me Dr. Ali Al Belooshi. When I had an appoinment I was so happy because he was so positive and gave me instructions before the surgery and in the day of the surgery I was so sacred but he calmed me down. Everything went excellent with my ACL knee surgery. The surgery was clean and the clinic service was good''



N. Al Jaroodi

''My overall experience in the clinic was perfect, they were very fast with booking the appoinments. The staff at the reception were very professional and friendly I highly recommend Orthocure Clinic''


Faisal Almarouqi

''This is my first experience in the clinic the profession was perfect, the treatment helped me a lot and I will recommend this clinic to everyone who wants a professional treatment plan''



''Thank you Hamata her physiotherapy treatments are very good and helpful and calling on time for the appointments''


Mahra Al Muhain

''Everyone at Orthocure Clinic from the doctirs, phyiotherapist and receptionist are super nice and caring''



''This is my second physiotherapy treatment and the expierence was excellent the staff are very qualified thank you Orthocure''


Mohamed Akram

''I chose Dr. Saeed Al Thani because he's our family doctor and my mom had couple of surgery's with him and all was successful. I had pain before the surgery. I felt nothing during the surgery, no pain. Partially could walk the day after surgery.''


A. Al Qayed

''I had both Robotic knee replacement surgery with Dr. Ali Al Belooshi. I chose  Orthocure Clinic because of the well known skilled doctors. I had troube walking around. I didn’t felt any pain during the or after the surgery immediately after I woke up after surgery I could walk''